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How to Manage Holiday Stress

Holidays can be difficult for many people for several reasons. We often think it's a time to celebrate and spend time with loved ones. But what happens if you don't feel connected to your family? Or if you are someone who has a difficult time saying "no" and over extend yourself helping others? This often times results in feelings of loneliness or resentment, as well as forgetting to take care of yourself. Here are 6 quick tips to help get you through the holiday season so that you do take care of yourself.

1. Focus on the entire holiday season instead of just one day. Putting all your eggs in one basket may increase your stress and lessen the enjoyment. 2. Spend time with supportive and positive people. Only spending time with those you feel obligated to spend time with will drain you. 3. Save time for yourself. If you don't allow time for recharging, you may not be charged enough to have fun. 4. Share the responsibilities. It will let you be grateful rather than resentful. 5. Keep your expectations realistic. Pace yourself. 6. Accept your limitations. If you think you may have a difficult time, plan ahead. It's okay to limit your celebrating time to take care of yourself.

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