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I'm Stuck. Where Do I Go From Here?

A common theme I've been hearing lately is feeling stuck and not knowing what to do. Whether it's not knowing which job offer to take, or which college to go to, or if you should move to a different state, or out of your parent's house.... Many people have experienced this road block at some point in time. The "not knowing" can be created by ambivalence or difficulty trusting your own abilities. Some people don't know which choice is the "right" choice, and others don't see any of their options.

So the question is: How do I move forward?

1. Take a breather. I know this may seem counter-intuitive to do since you want to make a decision, but sometimes taking a break and distracting yourself really helps clear your mind. When you've been focused on one thing for a long time, it can definitely give you tunnel vision and make it difficult to see the big picture. It can become easier to figure out with space away from the topic at hand.

2. Focus on the now. What is the most immediate issue? When you break up the big issue into different sub-sections, it can make decision making more bearable because you're focusing on one part at a time.

3. Remember this is not permanent. There are very few decisions in life that are. This feeling you are currently experiencing that comes with being stuck is temporary. And the good thing is, if you aren't happy with your decision later, its quite possible you can change your mind - depending on what it is.

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