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Covid for the Holidays

As if holidays aren't already difficult for many people, we are now adding Covid to the mix. Some people have expressed that it will be easier because they can use it as an excuse to set clear boundaries with family during this time; however, other people feel it is more difficult because they either want to see family and cannot, or they are getting pressure from their family to spend the holidays together and don't feel comfortable due to Covid. Whatever the extra stress may be, lets look at ways to navigate it during this time:

  1. If you struggle with setting boundaries and feel pressured to do things you don't want to do...

    1. Consider that it is okay to say “no”. It’s okay to not answer the phone. It's okay to spend time away from (or less time with) them this holiday season.

    2. Consider if this is an argument you can't win. If so, why play? You know in your mind it’s okay for you to disagree, but they may not know or want to accept that for several reasons. So decline the argument. This isn't permanent. Its just for this year.

    3. If it’s too much for you to handle, and you can't say "no", it’s okay to tell them that something came up. You owe no one an explanation for taking care of yourself when they aren't listening.

  2. If you want to see family but you're worried about spreading Covid...

    1. Consider making and eating a meal together over video

    2. Consider having a smaller gathering outside

    3. Consider your "bubble" and if only including them in your plans inside with the windows open feels comfortable

It's hard to decipher sometimes what risks are worth taking. Everyone has a different comfort level with Covid based on what they know and believe to be true. Whatever your comfort level is, it is important to respect that not everyone will have the same opinion. It is also important to balance your mental health with your physical health. If not seeing your family will be a bigger problem for your mental health, figure out how to make it happen safely. If seeing your family will be a bigger problem for your mental health, stay home. If you can't figure it out, please reach out for help.


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